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Friday, February 13, 2015

Plotting Problems

A solid plot is essential for a good book structure. While the particulars can be as divergent as the stars in the sky, the essential skeleton of plot is formulaic. You can look up any number of description of how to break it down and plot. However, these cover plot based stories, or at least stories where action and events play major components. They’re trickier if you have a more literary story.

In my current WIP (work in progress), I ran into the challenge that the story is far more of a character story. Events and action occurs, but they aren’t the primary focus of the novel. As I’ve written stories that have strong plots in the past, this presented me with a problem. How do you write a compelling non-plot driven story?

Fortunately, people far smarter than I have asked this question and written about it. Donald Maass, in particular, had a very helpful article on the subject. Even if you have no intention of writing a non-plot driven story, take a look at the article to get a wider, better understanding of what makes a story compelling.

Here’s the article: Plotting the Non-Plot-Driven Novel. Check it out.

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