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Friday, January 31, 2014

Reassurance About Rejections

This week, like many writers, I sent off a series of query letters to agents, hoping to snare one of their interest. So far, I have received responses from half. All of them were rejections. It is the most common and least desired response any writer wishes to find in her inbox, but it is a part of the business. However, there are two bits of good news that can get a writer through the grueling process.

1. Eventually, there will be an acceptance. None of us knows when or how, but eventually, there will be one. As Sara Megibow stated in her rejection letter, “it just takes one ‘yes’ to find the right match.”

2. Over time, the sting is less sharp. Oh, it still hurts. I don’t believe that ever goes away fully for most writers. However, our skins thicken, our perspectives grow longer, and, perhaps in a way, we become somewhat accustomed to the stabs at our tender egos. But what once might have made me not want to send out another letter or go back to the keyboard for days, now makes me wince and feel despondent for a much shorter time. My whole heart and soul are no longer wrapped up in every single query like they used to be. I know there will be other opportunities and other stories. I’m in for the long haul, difficult as that may be at times, and that will make the greatest difference.

So to all you out there, writers, artists, actors, or simply job seekers, take heart. The process to get that “yes” may sting and ache, but eventually, there will be a payoff if you keep at it. Persistence and working through the disappointment are what make the difference between failure and success.

Best of luck.

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  1. Ouch. No fun, Laura, but you have a good attitude. Hang in there.