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Friday, January 3, 2014

Announcing... Small Press to Big New York Publisher

Yesterday, I received wonderful news. My publisher, Lyrical Press, has been bought by Kensington Publishing Corp. as their new eBook imprint. That essentially means that my publisher has gone from small press to one of the big boys in the industry. As a new author, there aren’t too many other fantastic things I could have heard, aside from an insanely generous advance and New York Times Bestseller status.

However, when a publisher merges with another one, it presents whole new considerations for the author of the former publisher. In this case, my contracts with Lyrical Press are now null and void. To continue with Lyrical as an imprint, and thus Kensington as my publisher, I have to sign new contracts, but the payoff is bigger. Kensington is renowned, their books appear on physical shelves, and their marketing department has vastly more resources. As an author, it means unexpected opportunities. So, while I must first ask myself if this is truly a move I wish to make, the answer at this point is pretty straightforward: Yes!  Becoming a Kensington author would be awesome, and it’s a chance few receive. I’m not about to let is slip by.

So I go back to combing through a new contract and seeing where I might want to ask for changes. Then I contact the publisher and, hopefully, shortly, Red and the Wolf and its sequel, Gretel and Her Ghost, will soon be back up and running, Red and the Wolf on e-shelves and Gretel and Her Ghost swiftly on its way to publication. I’ll keep you all updated.

It is a fantastic way to start a new year.

Stop by on Monday for the next segment of learning about writing with The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson.

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