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Monday, August 26, 2013

Dreamlander by K.M. Weiland: Read, Part 19 (Chapters 55-57)

Welcome to the second to last part of this read of Dreamlander by K.M. Weiland where we glimpse the epic journey of Chris Redston, the man who can cross between the worlds, and learn a bit about writing along the way.

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Chapter 55

Chris and Mactalde begin to duel, and Chris is far outmatched. Mactalde too is bold, for he already plans to have his men kill Chris if, for whatever reason, he doesn’t manage the feat himself. Meanwhile, the Garowai catches Allara before she breaks upon the water far below. He delivers her back to her men, and she tells them of Mactalde’s plan to betray his bargain with Chris and them. They rush forward to battle and save Chris and the world. Allara too rushes forward, but Quinnon tries to stop her to save her life. The Garowai too insists this is not her battle. But she cannot stand back and watch Chris die.

Reader Comments: Ha! So the Garowai did get involved, sort of. Good.

Writer Comments: For all the heroic motives to save the world, deep and human heroes have other motivations, ones which are far more personal. A hero’s motivations should be personal and understandable to the readers, relatable. Allara wants to save the world, yes, but more than that, she wants to save Chris. We admire her desire to stop the worlds breaking and save her people. We understand her burning need to do something--anything to save the life of a man she has come to love.

Chapter 56

Orias rushes to help Chris kill Mactalde. Along the way, he kills Rotoss but sustains a grievous wound. Orias distracts Mactalde long enough for Chris to kill him. But the worlds keep breaking as the stars literally fall from the sky.

Reader Comments: I’m glad Chris is the one who delivered the killing blow. Orias needed redemption, yes, but Chris would have come off worse had he not finished off Mactalde. Further, I wonder what is required to bring the worlds back in balance. Might perhaps Chris need to bring someone across to Chicago from Lael?

Writer Comments: Orias kills Rotoss with whom he has been placed against since the beginning. Chris kills Mactalde. The hero should slay the great villain, but there is nothing wrong with secondary heroes slaying secondary villains and completing their own story arcs.

Chapter 57

Chris demands from the Garowai to know why the worlds are still breaking. Through the Garowai’s veiled answers, he realizes that he too, as the Gifted who created the imbalance, must die. This wrenches his world to pieces. How can he leave all he has come to love? But he knows it is the only answer, and they will all die if he chooses his own life. He tells Allara, his father, and his officers. Quinnon offers to serve him by striking the killing blow, and Chris accepts. Allara is frantic and begs Chris, insisting it’s a mistake, pleading him not to leave her alone. He holds her and agrees merely to wait until Orias dies just in case that, since Orias persuaded him to cause the imbalance, will heal the worlds. But he insists they both know it won’t.

Reader Comments: Ack! This is heart wrenching. I’m not sure which way I want it to go. The idea of Chris sacrificing himself is utterly heroic and epic. But the pain Allara and Chris will suffer as a result is agonizing.

Writer Comments: In this chapter, Allara’s shell finally fully breaks. She has virtually nothing left. Her father is dead, her world is ripping apart, she has suffered continually, she has been betrayed, and her own countrymen have risen against her. And now, Chris insists he must die. At last, she admits her fears. At last, she flings her heart onto the line. At last, she yields to herself. Figure out what will make a big change in your characters, and then bring it about.

Thank you for joining me today for these chapters of Dreamlander by K.M. Weiland. Next Monday will conclude this book, and I’ll announce the next book. Then, Friday, September 6, Weiland herself will join us for an interview. Until then, swing back by on Friday for further forays into books, fiction, the speculative, and life.

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  1. I think, possibly, my favorite scene in the whole book is the one where Allara begs Chris to stay. She was such an ice queen (even to me) all the way through the book. I loved it when that fiery core inside of her finally blazed out.