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Monday, April 1, 2013

And Blue Skies from Pain by Stina Leicht: Read, Part 14

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Welcome to today’s chapters of Stina Leicht’s and Blue Skies from Pain. When last we left Liam Kelly, the novel’s half-fey hero, he fled from the police after an IRA bank robbery and feared he would be too late to save them all.

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Chapter 26

Mickey, the half-demon, takes advantage of being alone with Father Murray in the warehouse and decides to experiment on him before finally killing him with nasty weapons from the Other Side. Father Murray tries to fight, but being cuffed and with a broken arm makes it difficult. Mickey manages to splash infernal poison in his face and a little in his mouth. Then someone bursts into the building and shoots Mickey in the head. To Father Murray’s shock, Sister Catherine and two other nuns comprise the rescue party. As they are not part of the order currently in a truce with the fey, they are not bound by the same peaceful obligations.

Reader Comments: Awesome! I absolutely loved this twist of having the nuns come in and rescue Father Murray. They were awesome, and their involvement expands this whole situation and world to even more intriguing depths.

Writer Comments: The nuns are a brilliant move on Leicht’s part. She uses  small reference from the first book in the series to help solve this book’s conflict. This creates greater continuity between book, gives a stronger female element in a very male dominated story, and complicates the relationships, which will undoubtedly get all the more interesting now. Yet it all makes perfect sense. As a reader, I did not see this twist coming, yet when it did, it was so logical. Make certain your unexpected twists come from a point of logic and are not simply deus ex machina, which cheapens the story.

Chapter 27

When Liam returns to the warehouse, the Fallen attack, killing all but Liam and Frankie. Bran and Sceolan arrive to help fight, and the battle drifts indoors, where Liam rescues Sister Ginny, all the while never taking a life. After finding Father Murray, Liam, the nuns, Frankie, Conor, and the priest flee. But on their way out the door, more Fallen stop them. If Liam will step aside from trying to make a truce between the Fey and the church,  they will give him back his wife. Liam touches her cheek and realizes that she is merely one of the Fallen disguised. Enraged, he transforms into the hound and attacks. But he refuses to kill, not because of the Fallen but because of his own word not to kill again. Battle renews and Liam goes unconscious.

Reader Comments: I’m am incredibly curious what Conor is. The circle of allies increases, and it will be very interesting to see who these people really are.

Writer Comments: In the climax of a story, all the disparate subplots should come together. In this case, the Fallen, the church, Mary Kate, Liam’s struggle with the hound inside his head, and the truce come together in one scene, all interconnected, and in the next chapter, I suspect we’ll see how they will help resolve each other too.

Thank you for joining me for today’s chapters of and Blue Skies from Pain by Stina Leicht. Next Monday, we’ll see how the rest of the fight turns out. Until then, join me Friday for further forays into books, fiction, the speculative, and life.

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