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Monday, January 28, 2013

And Blue Skies from Pain by Stina Leicht: Read, Part 6

Welcome back to and Blue Skies from Pain, the second novel in Stina Leicht’s The Fey and the Fallen series. When last we left Liam Kelly, half-fey ex-IRA wheelman, he had accidentally shot Father Murray and was in the process of trying to escape the secret facility where the church was studying him and the cops.

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Chapter 10

In the freezing night, Liam starts walking, hoping the searching police will not catch him and that he survives the cold and the questionable neighborhoods through which he must pass. Soon, a car starts following him. Frankie, the best man at Liam’s wedding, sits in the backseat and talks Liam into joining them. However, when they get alone that night, Frankie demands to know what’s really going on.

Reader Comments: Oh dear, things are starting to look up a tiny bit. This can only mean that worse is yet to come, and I’m totally with Liam. Please, let Father Murray live.

Writer Comments: Frankie is a character from the series’ first book, Of Blooed and Honey. It’s good to give characters multiple roles. The more they interact with the plot and other characters, the realer they become.

Chapter 11

When Liam wakes the next day on Frankie’s sofa, he’s surrounded by Frankie’s IRA associates, men who, as far as Liam knows, will kill him for killing all the men in his team in the previous book. Seamus, their leader, gets the story out of Liam about him killing his team then offers him a new invitation to join the IRA. Liam colorfully declares that he will not join again. Seamus offers to give him a couple weeks to figure it out. Instead, Liam packs his bags and gets ready to leave.

Reader Comments: I’m so glad Frankie seems to be sympathetic toward Liam. Liam needs people like that, and since Father Murray is potentially dead and certainly not in the story at the moment, Frankie fulfills the need.

Writer Comments: Reversing the expected in a book can make things far more interesting. After the events of Of Blood and Honey, like Liam, readers expects the IRA to kill him. Instead, Leicht plls the unexpected and offers Liam forgiveness and a position back in the IRA.

Thank you for joining me for today’s chapters of And Blue Skies from Pain by Stina Leicht. We’ll resume next Monday. Until then, join me on Friday for further forays in fiction, book, the speculative and life.

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