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Friday, December 7, 2012

K.M. Weiland: The Power of an Online Presence

This week, K.M. Weiland’s book, Dreamlander, a fantasy, came out. “Every night, a woman on a black warhorse gallops through the mist in Chris Redston's dreams. Every night, she begs him not to come to her. Every night, she aims her rifle at his head and fires. The last thing Chris expects--or wants--is for this nightmare to be real. But when he wakes up in the world of his dreams, he has to choose between the likelihood that he's gone spectacularly bonkers or the possibility that he's just been let in on the secret of the ages.” On her blog, she held, and is still holding for those who are interested, a drawing for a Kindle Fire, a 17th century rapier, or a fantasy gift box, among other things to encourage her readers to help her promote her new release. As cool as these prizes are, I didn’t want to help her for them. I had my own reason.

Before I continue, let me state plainly that K.M. Weiland has no idea I’m writing today’s post about her. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if she ever finds out. If she does, I hope she takes it as the compliment it is meant to be.

For the past year or so, since I’ve been on Twitter and begun navigating the complicated and fast paced world of social media, K.M. Weiland has been a bright spot in the midst of the chaos. She was one of the first people to follow me on Twitter, and between her kind and upbeat attitude and her questions about writing, like what the last thing your main character ate was, she became one of the people I most looked forward to seeing when I logged on. Additionally, she has a blog with all sorts of helpful writing advice. She not only posts the written article, she also puts up a video of her reading said article, which gives it a more personal touch.

Some months ago, I made plans to buy one of her books because I liked her so much. However, as this year has be crazy and my time and funds limited, I had not yet gotten around to it. But when I found out she had a book come out this week, I wasted no time getting a Kindle copy for, lucky me, $0.99 in an opening week sale.

Had I not come to enjoy K.M. Weiland so much online over the past year, I probably would not have picked up her book, interesting as it sounded. I’m a girl that usually chooses books because friends recommend them. It’s unusual for me to go out on a limb and purchase something without recommendation or prior experience with the author’s work. I want to know what I’m getting into. But in every interaction online, K.M. Weiland was recommending herself, perhaps not always consciously, but persistently. Each time she thanked me for retweeting, each time she commented on one of my answers to her questions, and each blog post of hers that had that extra personal touch recommended her as an author that I wanted to know and support.

There are all sorts of ways to advertise oneself online. A lot of them are annoying and slide right off a reader’s radar. It’s the ones that come off as people we’d actually like to know, that are kind, thoughtful, generous, or just plain personable that stick with us and make an impact. It’s those authors that truly encourage us to follow them and support them with our time, money, and blog posts.

So in the spirit of supporting an awesome author with that special, personal touch and because it sounds like an awesome book, go get Dreamlander. It’s only $0.99 right now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.   You can’t beat that. At the very least, go check out those prizes and see about winning a Kindle Fire, a rapier, a fantasy gift box, or any number of Weiland’s other goodies. Treat yourself and help me give back to this author who is doing things right.

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  1. What a cool premise!
    I love KM. Her writer questions of the day on Twitter are super fun. And yes, she's such a personalble web presence. Best of luck to her!