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Monday, October 15, 2012

Rosemary and Rue By Seanan McGuire: Read, Part 7

First of all, thank you for your patience Friday while I tried to overcome my crashed computer.

Today, we return to Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire. We last left Toby at the court of the Shadowed Hills, the places she’s been avoiding since returning from her exile as a fish.

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Chapter 12

After delivering the news of Evening’s death to Sylvester and Luna, Toby retreats to a garden of glass roses and crushed quartz paths to give the duke and duchess time to process her news. There she encounters Connor, the man she once loved and is now marries to the mentally broken daughter of Sylvester. But the years have  not fully dimmed the sparks. However, Toby can’t get involved with a married man, nor get distracted from the case. As he leaves, he confesses to Toby that Luna wants him to fall in love with her daughter/his wife.

Reader Comments: I think I’m going to prefer Tybalt as a love interest. The taunting, practical enemy thing is fun. However, the forbidden love interest with a history is also intriguing.

Writer Commetns: As I read this, it struck me that the glass roses are the symbol for Connor and Toby’s relationship/non-relationship. They might be beautiful, but they cut on every edge and are as fragile as glass petals. The image of Connor rolling out from hiding under the roses with petals in his hair suggests that he too has not fully let go of the relationship. Just my theorizing, of course, but the image is nice. It’s good to have images. They imply so much more than what an author could by trying to explain, and certainly more elegantly.

Chapter 13

The page that Toby keeps running into collects her to take her back to Sylvester. Toby does her best to bash down a bit of the kid’s “purebloods are superior” training. When she gets to Sylvester, she confesses that she went to Devin first, a fact that upsets Sylvester because Devin will exact a hard price from Toby. When Toby escapes to her car, and when she’s halfway across the Golden Gate Bridge something rises up from her backseat with a “deep, rumbling chuckle.”

Reader Comments: Uh-oh. I hope this is something that’s going to give her a truly interesting ride over the bridge and, hopefully, a clue to what happened to Evening. I foresee screaming, cursing, swerving, and a general good time in the next chapter.

Writer Comments:  Ah, the cliffhanger. It’s always good to close a chapter in a place that drives the reader to turn to the next page. Just make sure you deliver on your promise of tension and rollicking good action.

Join me next Monday to see exactly how difficult a time Toby is about to have with a thing in her backseat with likely bad intentions. Until then, join me Friday for further forays into fiction, books, the speculative, and life.

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