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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Special: The Look Challenge

My friend, Jessi Gage, tagged me with The Look Challenge last week. Due to traveling and the long weekend, I’m finally getting to it. So here goes all who are curious and who might be my victims if I tag them next.

The Look Challenge works this way:

1.      Find the first use of the work “look” in your WIP (work in progress) and paste the surrounding paragraph into your blog.
2.      Tag a string of victims—ehem—friends and fellow writers to participate. If you’re not specifically tagged, feel free to participate as well and keep the challenge going.

I’m working on three projects at the moment, so I’ve picked the one currently in the full swing of edits, entitled, at the moment, Loreley. By the Holy Roman Emperor’s commission, Karl hunts monsters, but betrayals and heartbreaks have left him ready for early retirement. On his way to join the church, he shipwrecks on the Rhine where a small town desperately needs rescue from hordes of undead animals and the callous grip of their lord’s son. Karl would rather leave them to their own devices, but guilt and his need to protect Loreley, a persuasive young woman who refuses to give up on her people, won’t let him deny his destiny.

Here’s the paragraph where I first use the word look:

Some distant, rational part of my mind declared my folly. Klug kept berating me, but I scarcely heard. Enchantment held me in thrall. I knew it and could not look away.

Here’s Jessi Gage’s original post. It’s quite compelling.

Now, it’s your turn, and no cheating. No editing.

Here are my tagged writers to participate, ladies I've really enjoyed and who I hope find this as much fun as I did:

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  1. Lovely writing, Laura! I'm so glad you participated. That's a great paragraph.