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Monday, August 6, 2012

Of Blood and Honey by Stine Leicht: Read, Part 11

Welcome back to our reading of Stina Leicht’s Of Blood and Honey, her urban fantasy of the fey and the fallen. When last we left this tale, Liam had faced the worst horrors of his life. Today, we learn what he decides to do with them. However, today’s chapters, 21 and 22, are packed full of crucial moments for Liam. Unable to cover it all and maintain the purpose in these reads, to generate interest in some fantastic authors and to use their work to illustrate how to do things well in writing, not to mention have some fun, I’ll only cover the basics. To discover the gritty and riveting details, dear readers, you’ll simply have to go get Ms. Leicht’s book and read for yourselves. It’s worth every penny and moment spent.

To that end, to catch up or review, see Part 1, Part 2, Part3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, and Part 10.



Chapter 21

To escape the pain of losing Mary Kate and both unborn children, Liam starts taking heroin. Oran hauls him away and forces him clean. Shortly thereafter, Liam and Oran get arrested. Liam, true to his orders, refuses to utter a word the whole seven days he remains locked up. To get him, Haddock, the police investigator, forcibly shoots him up and sends him back, expecting the IRA to view this as indication that Liam’s a weakness and kill him.

Reader Comments: Leicht is very good at the dark and gritty but, more so, at the making you care every minute of it. While I want to strangle Liam for his choices at the beginning of this chapter, considering all he’s gone through, I can’t entirely say that I don’t understand to some extent.

Writer Comments: After what happened in the previous few chapters, it was hard to imagine what could possibly go worse for Liam. But, as we weren’t at the end of the story yet, somehow, it had to. The stakes must rise higher and higher until the end.

Chapter 22

At the police station, Liam had gotten the scent of one of the men that killed Mary Kate, but dealing with Oran’s constant watching over him on account of his previous heroin usage and all Haddock’s threats, sneaking away to murder the man proves difficult. However, the beast inside Liam and Liam himself won’t let anything stop him. He manages to slip away and kill Mary Kate’s last two assailants and get back without Oran being the wiser.

That night, Liam and Oran are abducted from Oran’s house and taken to the country. Oran apparently leaked information, and Liam has to kill him in order to prove he at least kept silent. But Liam isn’t so heartless as to want to do that or to do it brutally. Aside from asking that Liam protect his family as one of the Fair Folk, Oran confides in Liam that, Eamon, their abductor and leader, is in Haddock’s pocket. Liam shoots Oran and mercifully as he can, turns into the beast, and goes after Eamon.

Reader Comments: Oo, this is getting thick. I can’t tell for certain who’s honest and about what. The one thing I know is that Liam is way in over his head and that a lot of people are going to die before this story ends.

Writer Comments: A lot goes on in Of Blood and Honey. The plot is thick with layers, twists, turns, and conflicting character motivations. In all that, it would be easy to get lost or detoured. However, Leicht keeps the main thread tightly strung through every chapter. It is what all else hangs on, why everything happens, and what changes the course of the characters’ lives. It is simply Liam’s awakening as a fey. You could also say his emergence into understanding what he is. At least, I believe that is Ms. Leicht’s main thread. In a way, Liam represents something unique in the war his father and Father Murray fight, that something in between, not fully human yet very human still, a creature between belief and cold reality, magic and the harsh modern world.

Thank you for joining me for these chapters of Stina Leicht’s Of Blood and Honey. We’ll continue with the book next Monday, but make sure to stop by this Wednesday for my interview with Candice Gilmer, the author of Rescuing Rapunzel, the first in a fairy tale romance series that promises to take a fresh spin on some of the old classics.

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