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Monday, July 16, 2012

Of Blood and Honey by Stina Leicht: Read, Part 8

Last Monday, in our read of Stina Leicht’s Of Blood and Honey, we learned about Father Murray’s involvement in an order that hunts fallen angels, and Bran and Murray started a tentative understanding about the place of the fae in that war. Join me today to learn what happens to Liam next.

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Chapter 15

Mary Kate learns about Liam’s involvement in the IRA. During a row over this fact, Oran calls Liam for his first assignment. They walk because Liam’s cab isn’t in working order. Oran doesn’t elaborate, so Liam’s surprised when the job turns out to be repairing a woman’s fence that was damaged in previous IRA activity. All goes well, but on the way back, at a British Army checkpoint, Liam and Oran are found “suspicious” and once more searched.

Reader Comments: I was very relieved that all Liam did was help fix a fence. I don’t really want him robbing banks or killing people unless they’re true villains.

Writer Comments: Leicht builds sympathy for the organization Liam works for and for Oran by showing Liam’s first job as one that takes responsibility and care for others. I don’t know enough about the IRA to know what a normal first job would be, but by showing one like this, Leicht reassures us that Liam isn’t completely in over his head.

Chapter 16

Liam waits in an ally in a stolen car for Oran and the rest to finish their bank robbery. All appears to be going well when a constable knocks on the window. Liam rolls it down and spots the man’s wedding ring, but he doesn’t have time to get the man to leave. Oran and the other bank robbers come out, and Liam shoots the constable in the head. Over a wild and near deadly several minutes, Liam drives everyone to safety, but he can’t shake that he just murdered a married man, a man with a family.

Reader Comments: Okay, while I’m still not comfortable with Liam helping to rob banks or murder people, I’m glad he feels bad about it. Even if Leicht has him engaging in criminal activities, at least he still has a conscience.

Writer Comments: Leicht is faced with a difficult position in this book. She has to vividly and accurately paint a point in history where the lines between good and bad blur. How does she do it? No one is shown as purely one way or another. Leicht writes about people, not caricatures. She also keeps her hero human in the sense that he feels awful for the life he takes and, even though the constable might have been a Loyalist and part of killing innocents, able to feel sympathy and remorse for his victim.

Thank you for joining me for these chapters of Stina Leicht’s Of Blood and Honey. Join me next Monday to see what happens and Wednesday and Friday for further forays into books, writing, the speculative, and life.

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