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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Publishing Process: First Edits

Monday night, I emailed my edited manuscript back to my editor, the first of at least five rounds of edits complete. During the past few weeks, I went through Red and the Wolf three times completely, the first two looking for specific fixes my editor asked for and the third to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. Along the way, I learned a few lessons:

1) Combing through the manuscript took longer than I expected. So when editing, or writing for that matter, it’s always best to calculate in extra time, just in case.

2) No matter how careful you are, things slip past your notice, particularly when rewording sentences to cut down on a long list of words that should appear sparingly in a manuscript. Mostly, this took the form of verbs I forgot to switch tenses on when I altered sentences. I was very glad I took the time for a final sweep of the manuscript to catch as many as I could.

3) I work best under pressure. Now, I don’t want my life to be constant, endless pressure, but under a deadline, I have far less time for doubt and nitpicky fixes.

4) It feels so good to get that first round of edits back to an editor. At least for me, this is different from doing edits on my own. Then, I don’t know for certain if a story will even sell, so the dark road of uncertainty looms ahead and dissipates good feelings. Turning work into an editor who has already accepted a manuscript feels like real progress.

I’ll update again the next time something new happens in the getting published market. Until then, is there anything in particular that you’re interested in hearing about regarding publishing?

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