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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Egg Water Bombs: Taking Inspiration from Children

Last night, when my sons were supposed to be getting ready for bed, they invented a game instead. In the lushly carpeted confines of their bedroom, they took empty plastic Easter eggs they’d filled with water from the bathroom and hurled them at each other in a raucous war.

My first clue of this was when my youngest came downstairs with his t-shirt sopping wet. In fact, it was so wet he had difficulty pulling it off to put on his pajamas. Naturally, my boys weren’t all that willing to volunteer the source of the shrieks we’d heard from their room or the culprit responsible for the youngest’s saturated attire. But a trip up to their room and the sight of the wet carpet and evidence of a water war was all it took for them to start spilling the story.

To be honest, it was very difficult not to burst out laughing. None of the damage was permanent, and the boys were responsible about cleaning it up and apologizing. And must as I was initially aghast, it was really quite inventive.

Children are such sources of inspiration. They don’t have the cultural constrains of adults. I think children in my writing have improved since I had my own. The real ones can come up with so much more amusing or creative antics than I could ever invent.

What stories do you have of children doing surprising, hilarious, or creative things that have inspired you?

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