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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

500 New Fairy Tales Found

Cinderella, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, and their peers have dominated what we think of as fairy tales for a long time. The Grimm brothers and Disney have preserved for generations unique versions of these stories, and fairy tales, as a whole, have become a keystone of childhood. But inRegensburg, Germany five-hundred more tales and versions, written down by FranzXaver von Schönwerth, have come to light after a hundred and fifty years.

Currently, the tales are being translated into English, and I hope we’ll soon see them in some form here. But what impact will they make? Certainly, scholars will pour over them, but will the general public even notice?

I hope so; though, I fear the only way the average person will is if they’re made into a movie, whether Disney tackles the feat or someone uses them to paint a dark fantasy tale to grace the silver screen.

Especially unique to these stories is that Schönwerth made no effort, unlike the Grimm brothers, to alter the tales from their original oral form. It will be interesting to see whether we, with our modern sensibilities, find this fulfilling or too alien for our patience.

What do you think the chances are that Schönwerth’s fairy tales will make it past the scholarly halls of academia and into the general marketplace? What impact do you think they might make on our concepts of fairy tales?

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  1. I love fairy tales, and they are so popular in fiction right now. How exciting that there are more!

    My guess is that the fairy tales we know and love are so ingrained that any newcomers will have to stand the test of time to be embraced as well as the standards. In other words, it won't be our generation or even the next that groups these new fairy tales in with the old but at least a few generations down the line.