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Friday, February 10, 2012

When Real Life Is as Good as Fiction

Last night, my husband and I locked up our first house, empty now in preparation for selling it. A chill hung in the air that made me shiver, I could feel the hollowness of the old rooms, and it began to rain.

Sometimes, even real life conspires together to set the sort of scene usually only seen in fiction. Not always, of course, but clich├ęs and classical moments have to come from somewhere, even real life. For a writer like me, noticing the appropriately accented setting made the experience a little less sad.

Have you ever had one of those moments where everything fit together, like it could have come straight out of a movie? What was it?


  1. Lying in bed the other night with my husband on his side of the bed and our 8 month old between us. The lighting was soft. The Kindle was put away. The little one was playing with his binkie and being just too cute with his perfect, chunky thighs and waving, little fists. My husband was smiling so big, proud of his son. Everyone was in accord. I felt joy, real joy. It was a HEA moment:)

  2. Those are the best moments. Thanks for sharing.