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Friday, January 13, 2012

5 Things Fantasy Characters Don’t Have to Worry About

Just for fun the other day, I started compiling a list of things rarely seen in fantasy. The implications are funny, gross, or curious. Here’s what I have so far.

1. Hand washing. Lots of people bathe, but rarely do you see characters wash their hands before eating or, say, tending another character’s wounds. I suppose germ theory hasn’t reached them yet.

2. Concern for or attempts to prevent pregnancy. Really, it’s amazing how infertile characters are. They must know it too.

3. The common cold. How often, despite damp roads and cold temperatures, do fantasy characters get sick? Colds, flu, and other common ailments rarely affect them. They must have amazing immune systems.

4. Dependants. I don’t mean servants or retainers. Rarely do fantasy characters have to drag around and take care of children, aging parents, or others that they might manage to claim on their taxes. Sure, it happens, but I can think of few examples.

5. Acne or other common blemishes. Most teenagers would envy fantasy characters. They never seem to suffer from the common frustrations of youth or other times of life, for that matter, like gray hair, which can occur before fifty, or diaper rash.

What else do fantasy characters rarely deal with? What else do characters from other genres not experience much of?

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  1. There are very few potty breaks, unless you count when the heroine needs a convenient window to climb out of--there's always one of those above the toilet.

    Also, tooth decay. They don't usually brush their teeth, and yet you don't see them going to the dentist. A hero with a missing molar wouldn't be nearly as appealing, but most everyone over 20 would be missing a tooth or two or more given such a lack of dental care and maintenance.