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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Challenge of the Season

Today, Black Friday, for some will mean frantic rushes to stores and through websites for sales. It’ll mean the hurried purchase of gifts or needed, discounted items on this magical day of deals. For others, it’s a time to hunker down with the left over Thanksgiving feast as rations and not go anywhere near a street with a retail store anywhere on it. Yesterday was the day to appreciate what we have; today is the day to acquire more.

In the midst of this materialistic swell, let’s keep our perspective on what this season is supposed to focus on. Not the shopping, the presents, or the deals, but rather the appreciation and sharing of what matters most: love, family, friends, life. The things that, if you had to leave everything because an invading army was about to sweep through your home, you would treasure enough to save. For most of us, that would be our children, spouses, parents, relatives, and close friends. It might be a picture album or an heirloom, those items that represent life and family.

So today and for the next few weeks, I challenge us all to remember what really matters. A heartfelt call from a friend I haven’t spoken to in months or years will mean more to me than a gift. I can’t remember that many presents I’ve received over the years, but I clearly recall last Christmas when my husband and I decided to spend the money we might have used on gifts for each other and used it to purchase a little food and go on a picnic in the back of our car because it was too cold out to do a real picnic. The time together meant more than anything else could have. As a child, I recall putting of a tree as a family and sipping hot chocolate and eating cinnamon rolls Christmas morning most of all.

It is for the moments of laughter and sharing of hearts that we live and remember. May this season bring you all joy and love to treasure for years to come.

What would you most like this season that can’t be wrapped in a box or tied with a ribbon? What gifts or moments have most touched you in previous years?

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